Wednesday, December 15, 2010

X-15 Plane Films Two UFOs: Joseph Walker

We have the 3.5 sec VHS tape of Joseph Walker's X-15 Plane Aft Camera video footage of two disc shaped AKA UFOs flying by Joseph Walker's X-15 Plane.

The tape was received from a women in Denver Colorado May 2009. She claims to be the daughter of a TV producer in Los Angeles who, during 1980, assisted in producing a TV program that aired on KTLA Channel 5 Titled 'UFOs'. At the end of this program was video play of these two disc shaped objects approximately 100 yards from the X-15 Plane. Very close up images of the fly by with earth atmosphere background. The two disc shaped objects appeared to be spinning and banking down toward lower atmosphere and away from the X-15 Plane. Color was metallic. Sun reflections were noticeable and in plane sight. The footage lasted 3.5 sec on edit board. Entry from left screen to right downward and fade to black by original editing producer. The fly by was shown four times, twice in slow motion for viewers.

We were asked to digitize this footage for a fee. Currently, this tape has been put into three media file forms and copied onto several flash drives. All media forms of this footage is privately owned by this women. We have copies under strict agreement not to distribute until the time is right.

The first Youtube video clip addressing his X-15 UFO incident was posted by us in 2009. Two frames flashed our website with the time code posted in title line. Something interesting here with viewer stats. In one day, 300 approx view spiked to 1600 views most from Africa?

Since then our video posting has been deleted. Two other Youtubers have posted video and as well as History Channel. In those video clips the footage is absent.

We contact three sources for distribution to public advisement. Mr. Stanton T. Friedman, Colorado HQ M.U.F.O.N. Co-Founder John Schuessler, and S.E.T.I. .org website. Only Mr Friedman responded inquiring about distribution. Our reply is the same today, the owner of the footage and DV media has intentions to sell the property rights.

We are posting this blog to see if anyone else has seen this program in Los Angeles. If so, please contact us at after Feb 15th 2011.

We are the media crew posting openly to online forums to others who may wish to add more information to this project.

Those disc shaped objects could have been man made using different technology. They were only two and they were not illuminated in any way. We don't know why they were spinning. From the footage, visual was clear and you could see the details on the objects. Size approximate 40-60 ft. in length. 20-30 ft. height.

A Youtube posting is out of the question as the previous test post proved Google people are censoring the topic. Hopefully this will reach someone before this blog gets deleted.

Our recent attempts to contact media included: The Larry King Show, CNN, BBC, and several newspapers in major US cities. We have some interest in connecting with the conspiracy/UFO community. Coast To Coast AM was emailed recently.

We are located in Colorado Springs. A meeting can be scheduled for a private viewing if one of the groups sends a representative to document.